I have been fascinated with architecture, structure and design throughout my life and have used these as main sources of inspiration for creative exploration and expression.

With an academic background in Fine Art and Design, I added Photography to further my study and documentation of historic architecture. I spent several years travelling, writing and photographing heritage in Canada and produced an extensive catalogue of images as well as two books -"Mills of Canada" and "The General Store".

Some form of artmaking has always been part of my expression, from drawing, watercolour to printmaking and collage. Combining all of these with my photographic images and introducing digital tools as an additional medium, I have for the past 15 years been exploring and producing multi-layered collages and semi-abstract compositions of intense colour, pattern and complex design. The resulting tapestry-like altered realities express the inherent beauty, endless variety and underlying order of our built environment. 

Since 1994 I have worked as a Communications Designer, Curator and Heritage Projects Consultant. I have taught workshops in art and design and lectured at colleges and universities on the history of Canadian architecture.

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