Along with heritage and design, art and creativity have been a major focus of interest and career throughout my life.

I have been fascinated with architecture, structure and design and since studying history of art and design at university, I have used these as my main sources of inspiration for creative exploration and expression.

Adding photography to my studies and love of architecture, I have spent several years travelling, writing and documenting historic buildings in Canada and have produced an extensive catalogue of images as well as two books on our architectural heritage -"Mills of Canada" and "The General Store".

With digital computing programs available as an additional art making medium, I have for over ten years been incorporating my photographic images past and present combined with mixed media amd printmaking techniques to create multi-layered collages and abstract compositions. Design, colour and pattern are the focus of my pieces. These elements are combined in tapestry-like altered realities to express the inherent beauty, endless variety and underlying order of structures in our environment.

Since 1994, I have worked as a communications and design consultant producing print and web publications, a heritage consultant and an independent arts curator. I also teach digital photography, digital and hands on collage, mixed media and have lectured on architectural history and photography.